Recordings by The Roches

Moonswept, 429 Records, 2007
Rhino HiFive: The Roches
Rhino HiFive: The Roches, Rhino / Warner Bros., 2007
The Collected Works of the Roches
The Collected Works of the Roches, Rhino Records, 2003
Can We Go Home Now
Can We Go Home Now, Rykodisc, 1995
Will You Be My Friend?
Will You Be My Friend?, Baby Boom Music, 1994
A Dove
A Dove, MCA, 1992
We Three Kings
We Three Kings, MCA 1990 (reissued: Rykodisc 1994)
Speak, MCA, 1989
No Trespassing
No Trespassing, Real Live Records, 1986 (reissued: Rhino Records, 1990)
Another World
Another World, Warner Bros., 1985
Keep On Doing
Keep On Doing, Warner Bros., 1982
Nurds, Warner Bros., 1980
The Roches
The Roches, Warner Bros., 1979

Recordings by Maggie and Terre Roche

I Gave My Love a Kerry
I Gave My Love a Kerry, Earth Rock Wreckerds, 2004
Seductive Reasoning
Seductive Reasoning, Columbia, 1975

Recordings by Suzzy and Maggie Roche

Why The Long Face
Zero Church
The Paradoxical Commandments ("Anyway"), © Kent M. Keith, 2003
Zero Church

Recordings by Terre Roche

Imprint, 2015
Afro-Jersey, 2013
US An'Them
US An'Them, JustDialRoche, 2008
The Sound of a Tree Falling
The Sound of a Tree Falling, Earth Rock Wreckerds, 1998

Recordings by Suzzy Roche

Fairytale and Myth
Fairytale and Myth, Suzzy Roche and Lucy Wainwright Roche, 2013
Some Assembly Required
Songs from an Umarried Housewife and Mother, Greenwich Village, USA
Holy Smokes

Singles and Promos by The Roches

Albums on which one or more of the Roches has performed

Albums which contain songs written or co-written by one or more of the Roches, but on which the Roches do not appear.

Miscellaneous recordings that don't fit above.