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Suzzy Roche

Release Date: May, 2000

Suzzy Roche
songs from an unmarried housewife and mother, greenwich village, usa
RHR 136 * available on CD only

With Songs From an Unmarried Houswife and Mother, Greenwich Village, USA, Suzzy Roche returns with more of the graciously poetic lyrics and subtle melodic turns that made her first solo album, Holy Smokes, such a delight. Produced by Stewart Lerman, and boasting guest appearances by Loudon Wainwright, Jules Shear and sister Maggie Roche, Songs... serves up a heavenly slice of vocal interplay-thick with the quirky imagery and mental slants that so endeared the Roches' music to fans worldwide.

Starting with a snappy Yankee Doodle, Suzzy then rolls quietly into Looking for God with her gentle musical musings captured in a soap bubble of a song. Sister Maggie's humorous G Chord Song sparkles with the voices of mother and daughter, Suzzy and Lucy Roche, as they poke fun at the ubiquity of certain song topics. Suzzy teams up with Loudon Wainwright and Jules Shear for an unforgettable take on Shear's Cold Hard Wind. Goodbye Cruel World and Born Yesterday pair Suzzy with sister Maggie, and those amazing Roche harmonies creep into the mix as they deliver direct lyrical hits like "I was born yesterday-don't know nothin'-eyes open wide-seem to be on a funny farm." Sweetie Pie closes the album with a pared down trio of piano, violin and Suzzy's voice-"You always say I love you when you say goodbye, sweetie pie."

Songs... is an enchanting collection. And when one looks at Suzzy's history, it's easy to see where it comes from. A veteran of the music business-Suzzy, along with sisters Maggie and Terre, has been singing her entire life. The Roches put out a total of ten albums, and have made numerous appearances on shows such as Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show and A Prairie Home Companion. Suzzy has toured extensively, and graced stages across the country. Suzzy is also an accomplished actress, appearing in Crossing Delancy (with Amy Irving) and working in live theater with The Wooster Group and other ensembles. With such a background, it's no wonder that Suzzy's music is able to make you think as well as gasp with delight.

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