429 Records

March 13, 2007

Produced by: Stewart Lerman & The Roches

  1. us little kids
  2. only you know how
  3. no shoes
  4. moonswept
  5. family of bones
  6. that naughty lady of shady lane
  7. long before
  8. piggy mask
  9. huh
  10. stop performing
  11. gung ho
  12. instead i choose
  13. september 11th at the shambala center
  14. jesus shaves

Produced by: Stewart Lerman & The Roches
Recorded & Mixed by: Stewart Lerman at The Shinebox, NYC
Mastered by: Greg Calbi @ Sterling Sound
booking contact: or

Guitars/bass/ukulele & gamyen (Tibetan guitar): Terre
Guitars/piano/bass: Maggie
Guitars/piano: Suzzy
Percussion/bass/guitars & heart strings: Stewart Lerman
Piano on piggy mask: Garry Dial
All vocal arrangements and singing by The Roches
except Long Before sung by Lucy Wainwright Roche

(P) © 2007 SLG, LLC. 429 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 330, Santa Monica,
CA 90405. Warning: All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation
of applicable laws. Made in the USA. FTN 17636


Special Thanks and Long Life to my teachers, Garry Dial, Charlie Banacos, Sidiki Conde and Shambala Training. – Terre

Thank you to Michael from Maggie

Thanks from The Roches to: Jonathan Horn, Stu Fine, Jeff Laramie & our friends at SRO,
Steve Vining & everyone at 429 / Savoy Label Group, Greg Calbi, Steve Cohen,
Stephen Kurtzman, Jude Roche, Merideth and the gals at 3+Co., Juliet &
Karen Lashinsky, Pascal Troemel, David Nichtern, Dave Kogut, all our generous
listeners, & a special thanks to Stewart Lerman.

All selections © 2006 & published by Nabithius (ASCAP) except Jesus Shaves
© 2003 and No Shoes © 2006 &
published by Prove It Music (ASCAP) and
The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane
published by Chappell & Co, Inc (ASCAP)

Package design concept: Merideth Harte at 3+Co. (
Package Cover design and production: David Alan Kogut (
Illustrations: Terre Roche