The Sound of a Tree Falling

Earth Rock Wreckerds

November, 1998

Produced by: Nobody

  1. The Sound of a Tree Falling 
  2. Nobody's Doing the Job 
  3. The Snake
  4. New York City Pakistan
  5. Your Turn
  6. Piece
  7. Francis
  8. The Unrecovered One
  9. The Bearer of Bad News
  10. I Like It Here
  11. Suffering is the Nature of Samsara
  12. Blabbermouth
  13. The Leaving Dream 

Liner Notes:

Produced by Nobody
All songs written and performed by Terre Roche
Maggie Roche sings on "New York City Pakistan",
"Suffering is The Nature of Samsara" and "The Snake".
Max appears courtesy of his own exuberance
Recorded by "Terre My Cat Ate My Track Sheets Roche"
Mixed by "David Where's Your Track Sheets Kumin"
Mastered by David Kumin at Blane & DeRosa
Package Designed by Kathy Nestor
Photographs taken by Garry Dial
Drawing by Terre Roche
Guitars - Taylor Steel String and Takamine Nylon String

A very special thanks to my sister Maggie, my favorite songwriter, without whose help I would not have made this wreckerd.

And to Shambala Training, all my friends and family, especially David Kumin, Jack and Ellen Baker, Kathy Nestor, Meliset Abreu, Jude Roche, Kathe Karr, Judy Johns, Andrea Pejrolo, Dave Roche, Rich DeRosa, Stephen Kurtzman, Antonio Lima, Lucy Roche, Ilana Morillo, Margaret Dorn, Woody Mann, Susan Cowsill and Peter Holsapple, David Nichtern, Richard Barone, Karen Durbin, Paul Simon, Alan Pepper, Fred Winston, Robbin McClain, Steve Nolan, Janelle Mackenzie, George Gerdes, Jan Macandoe, Robert Fripp, Christ Guest, All the Moodswings, Sean Fullen, Michael Lesser, Mary Ann and David Nelson, Laura Leever, Karin Berg, Dorothy Husman, Jennifer and The Living Room, Tim and Lori Blixt, Moo and Max, all my students, teachers and especially Garry Dial, my love, still after all these years a constant revelation.

Earth Rock Wreckerds
All songs published by Blabbermusic, ASCAP.
Printed and copyright 1998 Terre Roche, all rights reserved
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