Can We Go Home Now

  1. the great gaels
  2. move
  3. you (make my life come true)
  4. christlike
  5. home away from home
  6. can we go home now
  7. when you're ready
  8. i'm someone who loves you
  9. so
  10. holidays
  11. my winter coat

The Great Gaels

the great Gaels of Ireland
the race that God made mad
for all their wars are merry
and all their songs are sad

words remembered by John A. Roche
from a poem by G.K. Chesterton
called "The Balled of the White Horse."
(thanks to Peter Fallon)

music derived from a traditional Irish fiddle tune entitled "John Roche's Favorite"

Copyright 1995 Rykomusic/Nabithius Music


cold weather
home, that's where i'll stay
ok i admit it
i've been drifting
dreaming the hours away

dreamin' of love
the gentle kind
i don't have to prove myself
all of the time

years at a job
burning for a raise
let's face it
i'm no go getter
worthy of a boss's praise

worthy of love
the unusual kind
i don't have to prove myself
all of the time

at the bus stop when the evening falls
resting there until the driver calls

hurry it up now hurry it up and move, lady

it's a shiny train
stealing away in the wind
i can't catch it
so i close my eyes
feel it against my skin

feeling that love
you're a friend of mine
i don't have to prove myself
all of the time

at the bus stop in the hazy dawn
come on mister one last lazy yawn

hurry it up now hurry it up and move, lady

Copyright 1995 Rykomusic/Nabithius Music

You (Make My Life Come True)

once offered the chance of a lifetime
I wasn't able to do it
you laid yourself on the line
baby somehow we got through it
you make my life come true

lost fumbling around in the dark
I wasn't able to see it
you came and turned on the spark
showed me myself so I could be it
you make my life come true

who played it so I could hear
a voice worthwhile inside me
when I looked up from my fear
you were the one standing beside me
you make my life come true

with nothing to hold in my arms
my heart was wounded on empty
disregarding all the alarms
starting me overflowing with plenty
you make my life come true

Copyright 1995 Rykomusic/Nabithius Music


He wants to be Christlike and never be jealous
So he lets her go on about all the other fellas
But the animal in 'em awakes with a growl
and a skin 'em cannibal scowl
Skin 'em cannibal scowl

And a swing from the trees with his teeth like a chainsaw
Come near me I'll rake off your face with one paw
Watch me now I'm beating my chest like a robber
Who steals from my meat as I rend and slobber

He sits in the plaza in tunic and sandals
Watching her bent over buying the candles
And he thinks he'd like to take her from behind
Would the Scribes and the Pharisees mind?
Scribes and the Pharisees mind

A woman approached me all bent and repentant
I blessed her and sent her wherever she went
Will these followers ever stop doggin' me now
That I've thrown off this stone and got loose somehow?

A life that you try to put into a grave
Comes back every Easter to haunt you and save
But my nature is wounded and bloodied and hung
From a cross for my sins and the sins of everyone
oh those sins of everyone.

I'm jealous goddamnit! I'm Christ and I'm jealous
And angry and sad and oh Father please tell us
I'm human and God and I'm animal too
As I listen to her going on about you

Copyright 1995 Rykomusic/Nabithius Music

Home Away From Home

she was twenty six when she came to the burbs
where the family secrets stop at the curbs
i was nine when she moved next door
she had married a republican he was for the war
he was mean he beat her up
all the time preaching that republican stuff
hated blacks hated jews
knelt down sundays at our lady of the blues

over at my house things were sad
because my folks were always fighting that made me feel bad
i went to her door with a cookie tin
i said i am your neighbor would you let me in
she was big having a baby
she asked me are you hungry and i said maybe
she gave me soup a piece of toast
she gave me what i needed the most

thank you for the love you gave
to me as a child
there must have been so much pain
that you never cried
in my

home away from home

then one day we found a sick bird
on the very same doorstep where i first met her
being a nurse well, she took the bird in
and we fed her with an eye dropper til the following spring
when the time came to let the bird go
this is what she said when i cried no
if you keep her locked inside
honey, she won't be able to fly

thank you for the love you gave
to me as a child
there must have been so much pain
that you never cried
in my

home away from home
home away from home

Copyright 1995 Rykomusic/Nabithius Music

Can We Go Home Now

woke up alone
in a strange bed
lookin' around
shakin' my head
pulled my boots on
went downstairs
she was sitting
in one of the chairs

can we go home now
was what I said
she looked at me
and said we
are home

matter with you
I nearly forgot
the difference between
what is and what's not
plenty of sky
castles of sand
sea 'n' stars
busted my hand

can we go home now
I've had enough
she looked at me
and said tough

watchin' tv
the whole day through
bough bending low
with nothin' to do
sun gone down
the railroad track
breathing a cry
when she comes back

can we go home now
I wanna go home
she looked away
and said please

Copyright 1995 Rykomusic/Nabithius Music

When You're Ready

when you're ready you will find it impossible to be cool
If you're ready there's no need to be worried
about coming off like a fool

So long eddy it's been beautiful knowin' ya in this school
Are ya ready?

Come up to Heaven
Happiness it is a given
You gotta see this
Atmosphere it is the freest

There's nothing to stop you

When you're ready you'll be over the rainbow and on the moon
You'll be pretty

When you're ready you will find it impossible to be cool

Copyright 1995 Rykomusic/Nabithius Music

I'm Someone Who Loves You

what if your father has a stroke
when you are ten
then sits like a rag doll
wheelchair in the den
you start failing school
breaking every rule
pretty soon you're a bum

then one day you meet a girl
at first sight
you both stand speechless
in the hall through the night
what ever happened to her
there are traces of what she were
she wanted to be a nun

both of you begin to cautiously
whisper words
you sit together chirping
little tiny love birds
who knows what you said
if only you could touch her in bed
she certainly is the one

time passes by and you ruin it
before your eyes you are losing it
how can you get what you need from her
now you become just a weed to her

i'm someone who loves you!

that was years ago
now the new mexico hills
you sometimes describe to her
heavy telephone bills
she lives way back east
says can't you keep in touch at least
but you don't call her up

deep in the heart
of the life you live
tenderly you treasure
every kiss that you give
don't think about her much
you kicked away that crutch
so you could walk alone

by now you know you can't ruin it
it's just that one day you stop doin' it
i'm someone who loves you!
i'm someone who loves you!

Copyright 1995 Rykomusic/Nabithius Music


So maybe another way would have been better
if you had been older or had known a thing or two before you set sail for the New World

Sail for the New World, mate
All this ships ahoy
Trouble is all of the things I hate
But I'm still a young boy

In the meantime a chance in the form of a light
Makes a man take a stance and dash his boat up on the rocks
in the dead of night

So what if you had been lucky then
What would it make you?
So there'd be a statue so people won't forget you set sail for the New World

Sail for the New World, mate
Let's not and say we did
Trouble comes and it seals your fate
As you turn into the skid

Sail for the New World, mate
All ships ahoy
Trouble comes when you graduate
But I'm still a young boy

Copyright 1995 Rykomusic/Nabithius Music


she's the kind of girl who pays for herself
and the money don't come rolling in
been living here outside of fifteen years
say how do you do where does she begin

those lollipop eyes
no longer surprised
still willing to try

worried she'll get to be
as big as a house
her apartment is small
she's got to stay the size of a mouse

walking around
the old neighborhood
there were several wiseguys
she'd do over if she could

please no more lies
warm september skies
still willing to try
but the holidays
holidays are hard

sun's so bright
she pulls the shade
puts a dinky dinner in
it's factory made

she bought the book
how to help yourself
climb up on the chair girl
and take it down from the shelf

cracks open a smile
ain't she got style
still willing to try

but the holidays
holidays are hard

Copyright 1995 Rykomusic/Nabithius Music

My Winter Coat

the fit is generous and loose
the coat is filled with down of goose

should I feel guilty about that?
I wouldn't wear the fur of a cat

the coat is black so in New York City
it doesn't look dirty it stays pretty

the cuffs are purple which perfectly suits
a pair I already had of boots

can't help sharing on a personal note
a secret I have concerning the coat

one of the reasons that it got my vote
is the way it lies open around the throat

for me th collar mustn't come too high
because well all right my skin is dry

so each morning I rub my face with oil
and the fabric you see the grease could soil

can we speak a moment about the lining
after my own heart's designing

it's nylon so your skirts don't wind
up in a bunch around you behind

when the time comes for the coat to clean
you throw this thing in the washing machine

drying you doubt but the filling does fluff
I'm here to proclaim this coat is enough

the length of the coat is below the knees
so in the cold your legs don't freeze

I'm nuts about another one of its charms
there's plenty of room underneath the arms

the coat's not bulky it weighs about an ounce
and it's practically void of any frivolous flounce

I will admit it has shoulder pads
all things considered it's not so bad

it looks all right even from the side
I guess because the bottom isn't overly wide

okay so you say you'd prefer something hipper
but can I just tell you about the zipper

I searched for it for many years
last one I had I tore up in tears

it turned me into Jack the Ripper
but now I stepped in Cinderella's slipper

it runs from the gullet to just south of the crotch
and workin' it's a task you can hardly botch

it's made of a material that will not rust
it won't get stuck you don't get fussed

it undoes easily in the usual way
but you can also pull it up if you'd like to, let's say

there's snaps as well which I don't even use
but they beat out buttons if I had to choose

I remember the night I went to the store
fighting my way across the cloak-stuffed floor

suffocating I was it seemed
when from a rack this last hope beamed

of all my requirements I pursued the trail
to find furthermore the damn thing was on sale

it had a small chain at the back of the neck
so you could hang it on a hook but it broke what the heck

with the end of each sleeve I'm totally smitten
ample space for to emerge a thick mitten

if you wanna be warm it wins far and away
it's like walkin' around in your bed all day

I know you're not supposed to be so fond of a thing
but today this is my heartfelt inspiration to sing

I hope you don't think I'm merely trying to be clever
I wish this coat would last forever

Copyright 1995 Rykomusic/Nabithius Music