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06/18/18 at 18:15:33

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The Death of Suzzy Roche (Read 20214 times)
Roche Intrigued

I love the Roches!

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Re: The Death of Suzzy Roche
Reply #20 - 07/21/08 at 05:40:12
Another possibility could be that it reflects the anger she may have felt towards others who had snobby attitudes and thought they were above everyone else.  She may have then turned it around and directed it at herself as a reminder not to get that way.
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Re: The Death of Suzzy Roche
Reply #21 - 07/21/08 at 08:15:50
It could be, mclarke.  Suzzy certainly seems like the contemplative and introspective type, who would take note of such things in her midsts and modify her own behavior accordingly.
One theory that I have not heard yet is that maybe the stabbing really did occur, just not subsequent death.  She did, after all, later write the song Knifed.  Hmmm.  Could it be? ...  :-)
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