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Suzzy Roche
Suzzy Roche
Here's a video of a duet with my daughter Lucy Wainwright Roche and it's a collaboration between two old friends. Andrew Cohen is an amazing photographer. I've known Andy for it 35 years? I wrote Song For Wayward Saints as a companion to my novel (Wayward Saints). It's odd, because a novel is so different from a song...but I said, okay...I'll see what happens. When it was finished I immediately thought of Andy's photographs, and I also realized that I now understood what my book is really about. Andy and I live blocks away from each other in Greenwich Village. Many of the people in the video live in our neighborhood, too. I hope you'll visit Andy's website to see his enormous body of work: By the way, the song is available for FREE download on CD baby and Spotify. Oddly, iTunes and Amazon insist on charging money, so all proceeds that come to me will be donated to a local food bank and shelter here in our neighborhood. Oh, and I hope you'll read my novel: WAYWARD SAINTS (available for pre-order) Thanks so much for all your support! Wayward Saints can be pre-ordered at -- Suzzy Roche