Why The Long Face

  1. I don't have you
  2. broken places
  3. who cares
  4. the warwick flog
  5. la vie c'est la vie
  6. don't be afraid
  7. one season
  8. the long lonely road to nowhere
  9. for those whose work is invisible
  10. training wheels
  11. a day in the life of a tree

I don't have you

by Mark Johnson

I don't have you
no dream can bust this feeling
to a million pieces no

no matter what you say
no matter what I do

I see the street light
shine down avenue
don't the shadows there
move through my heart

all the people clash
walkin' by me now
you're not with me here
cause we're apart

I can't change your mind
if you want to go
just like I can't change the way
that my feelings show

I can pull on you
and block your run
but I must hold my pride close
tellin' everyone

Wednesday Thursday too
with tears in front of you

"writing a song about not having something is making the most out of nothing."
— Mark Johnson

broken places

by Maggie (for Ed)

did you know me
long ago
were we close
before the sorrow
if you thought of leaving any traces
I'll be sifting through the broken places

did I know you
once upon a time
you dreamed of me
and now I'm
searching for myself in strangers' faces
stumbling onto further broken places

she turns purple
am I blue
can't she fathom
what I do
trying to get in her better graces
touching her in all the broken places

I get crazy
not sure why
solace beckons
until I
go tearing off again on wild chases
crashing into same old broken places

I am young so
who's to say
but for now I
have no way
of knowing how much healing time erases
certain of these secret broken places

can't there be a
little breather?
our love is a
real seether
to sore hearts we plead our hapless cases
rendezvousing at the broken places

I love you for
all of this
struggling towards
when the chips are down we play our aces
hiding them in our broken places

who cares

by Suzzy

I like to watch tv
listen to the news
hear what everybody is saying
there's a lotta talk about God
peace and safety and
war and fear and
there goes a girl in a bikini

this guy's saying that guy's an idiot and
she's on the right he's on the left and
everybody's screaming and yelling at each other and
calling each other jerks
it's a party

who cares where the truth lies
who cares where the truth lies

guys dressed up in suits and ties
look you straight in the eyes
telling lies
but I really wish I knew
what they were talking about
meanwhile human beings
are being strung up on bridges and
little kids are getting their legs blown off and
young soldiers are coming home no more

if you live in new york city
keep your eye on he sky
afraid to take a subway ride
wondering about the next time
the next time

who cares
who cares

so I look inside my own angry heart
the violent world
of my misdeeds and my mistakes
my old messy heartbreaks
and fantastic fakes
the good intentions paved in gold
another war story gets told

I like to watch tv
listen to the news
hear what everybody is saying
I think that I'm a dove but
maybe I'm a hawk and
someday I will fly away

who cares where the truth lies

the warwick flog

by Maggie & Suzzy

dear wail dear dog
beneath silent

dear wail
beneath silent
oceans bathe the pain
what happened

the real
from the dream
deep inside
open wide

the face
we streams
neighbors breathe

dear dog
please bless our home
the pain
white lilac tree

red bird
the big soft round belly
tumble down
into the soft grass

one person
everyone said

scream bless
earth the ripple
water the sound
creature spirit

day red
the lilac tree

coming through
soft round
tumble down
in grass


mothers' selves
listen to you
voices clearing
inglorious state

voices clearing
inglorious state

la vie c'est la vie

words by Jessie Fauset
music by Maggie

On summer afternoons I sit
Quiescent by you in the park,
And idly watch the sunbeams guild
And tint the ash-trees' bark

Or else I watch the squirrels frisk
And chaffer in the grassy lane;
And all the while I mark your voice
Breaking with love and pain.

I know a woman who would give
Her change of heaven to take my place;
To see the love-light in your eyes
The love-glow on your face!

And there's a man whose lightest word
Can set my chilly blood afire;
Fulfillment of his least behest
Defines my life's desire.

But he will none of me. Nor I
Of you. Nor you of her. 'Tis said
The world is full of jests like these.—
I wish that I were dead.

don't be afraid

by Suzzy

beyond the heart
event the soul
is a little piece of sky
you can call your own
the empty blue page
you never scribbled on
it's your very last chance to say
hello, let's go

quiet and deep
like the eyes of a dog
you may think you're asleep
you waited so long
it's a promise to keep
it's a lonely swan song
it's your very last chance to say please

don't be afraid if the far way is calling you
don't be afraid if you get that far away call

wind and rain on the cobblestone
the far away is coming down on your home
you can say no thanks
you can shiver in fear
it's your very last chance to stay here

don't be afraid...

don't you wish that you knew
who it is calling you
faraway by your side
whatever you do
you're never alone
but there's no one to talk to
it's a very weird way to spend the day
but it's ok

don't be afraid....

one seasaon

by Maggie

One season I was born
fell down like an acorn
I am the only tree
and everybody leaves

I've got to get away from you

Bud growing up at me
resentful face I see
a harsh light seems to damn you
is it because I am you?

I've got to get away from you
I need to find a love that's true

Loose leaf lay on the bed
hair falling around her head
I watched her from the shore
I can't do any more

I've got to get away from you
I'll come and visit you in the zoo

We go on arguing
no one can say a thing
set down your key and trumpet
go have a dream and hump it

I've got to get away from you
you don't know what you put me through

Prized fighter with bruised pride
a fuse blew when you tried
to fix the worn out wire
and set the house on fire

I've got to get away from you
if only for a day or two

I just can't get enough of you

the long lonely road to nowhere

by Suzzy

I bought a book
the 7 habits of highly effective people
powerful lessons in personal change
it's a #1 bestseller
10 million copies sold
I guess the guy who wrote it
has his share of personal change

there's a quote on the cover
from the editor in chief of success magazine
steve degarmo
I wish I had met steve
when I was young and pretty
I might've tricked him into marrying me

you may think that's a mean way of thinking
and sweetheart I know that you're right
but I'm on a long lonely road to nowhere

I read the book
and as you might have suspected
I have none of the habits
of the highly effective
as a matter of fact almost to a t
I'm exactly the opposite of who I should be

am I laughing or crying
after all these years of trying
I'm on a long lonely road to nowhere tonight
the stars are shining bright

who made the rules of the world
and why am I such a big bad rule breaker
always giving the joint away
heart and soul with no taker
it's a long lonely long lonely long lonely road
I'm on tonight

But I recommend this book
for those who may
wish to call a rose by another name
with a gentle tip for a very tough game
the more things change
the more they stay the same

yeah I'm laughing and crying
after all these years of trying
I'm on a long lonely road to nowhere tonight
but it's alright

don't you know that long lonely road to nowhere
is a powerful lesson in personal change
highly effective too

for those whose work is invisible

words by Mary Gordon
music by Suzzy

For those who paint the undersides of boats, makers of ornamental drains on roofs too high to be seen; for cobblers who labor over inner soles; for seamstresses who stitch the wrong sides of linings; for scholars whose research leads to no obvious discovery; for dentists who polish each gold surface of the fillings of upper molars; for sewer engineers and those who repair water mains; for electricians; for artists who suppress what does injustice to their visions; for surgeons whose sutures are things of beauty. For all those whose work is for Your eye only, who labor for Your entertainment or their own, who sleep in peace or do not sleep in peace, knowing that their effects are unknown.

Protect them from downheartedness and from diseases of the eye.

Grant them perseverance, for the sake of Your love which is humble, invisible and heedless of reward.

training wheels

words by Jon Turner
music by Suzzy

Training Wheels
Aspiring young bikers need em
Training Wheels
It's a slapping insult
Training Wheels
A little boy was called this name
He had barely gotten past the training wheels
Every day the kids at school would shout
Training Wheels
As he rode his bike home from school
Imagine if a blind person was made fun of
Cause he couldn't see
If a mute person was ignored
Cause she couldn't talk
If an autistic being was dismissed as disabled
That would be no different than shouting
Training Wheels
To a boy who didn't know how to ride
without them
Training Wheels
Aspiring young bikers need em
Training Wheels
It's a slapping insult
Training Wheels
A little boy was called this name

a day in the life of a tree

by Brian Wilson & Jack Rieley

Feel the wind burn through my skin
The pain, the air is killing me
For years my limbs stretched to the sky
A nest for birds to sit and sing

But now my branches suffer
And my leaves don't bear the glow
They did so long ago

One day I was full of life
My sap was rich and I was strong
From seed to tree I grew so tall
Through wind and rain I could not fall

But now my branches suffer
And my leaves don't offer
Poetry to men of song

Trees like me weren't meant to live
If all this world can give
Pollution and slow death

O lord I lay me down
There's no life to be found
There's nothing left for me