1. nurds
  2. it's bad for me
  3. louis
  4. bobby's song
  5. the boat family
  6. my sick mind
  7. the death of suzzy roche
  8. factory girl
  9. one season
  10. this feminine position


I'm so glad I am one


When I was a young girl
I went to Catholic school
Hung around all the nuns
That was so uncool
All the other girls were wearing
Makeup in fourth grade
But I was not allowed
I wore anklets and prayed


Paula Duvle dyed her hair
And started going out with boys
I was into homework
And trying to get toys
It was around that time
I discovered what I was
For instance I said policeman
But Paula called them fuzz


Then I went to high school
It really hit me hard
I started finding out that
They were calling me retard
In the gymnasium
I was not a hit
There was something really interesting
About the way my gym suit fit


I'm so glad I am one

(Words and Music by Suzzy Roche)

It's Bad For Me

Your words go through and through me
and leave me totally dazed
for they do such strange things to me
they nearly make me gloomy
for you dear are so clever
so obviously the top
I wish you'd go on forever
I wish even more you'd stop

oh it's bad for me it's bad for me
the knowledge that you're going mad for me
I feel certain my friends would be glad for me
but it's bad for me

it's so good for me so new for me
to see someone in such a stew for me
and when you say you'll do all you could for me
it's so good for me it's bad for me

I felt til you whispered to me
completely left on the shelf
but since you started to woo me
I'm just crazy about myself

it's a boon for me a break for me
to hear that your heart's on the make for me
yet no matter however appealing
I still have a feeling it's bad for me

it's so sweet for me it's swell for me
to feel that you're going through hell for me
yet no matter however appealing
I still have a feeling it's bad for me

(Words and Music by Cole Porter)


Louis has money
Just at a time in his life when he thought he
        was hopeless
You see him a lot these days
On the cover of this, on the back of that
Looking a hundred different ways.
Louis, you have money

Louis has moved on
All of his friends want to get somewhere
He used to hang out but he can't go back there just now

And all his affairs are economic.
He says, "That's not the way that I want it.
Holy Moses! I got my share."

How is he doing?
Ma says he wears too much makeup
With all the wrong people he tends to take up.
He tries to tell her, "Thing change, Ma."
She ain't buyin' it Lou.
She doesn't see the need for you to be such a
        modern man.

He's got nobody to thank.
If he's cryin' at all he's cryin' all the way
        to the bank.

(Words and music by Terre Roche)

Bobby's Song

Think he's got a crush on me
I saw the whole scene
What makes you think
He's got a crush on you

Cause he played his song for me
I was sitting there too
What makes you think
He played those songs for you.

If his girlfriend wasn't there
He would have been free
To make it known that
He's in love with me

He was in a plane crash
He plays the clarinet
He's trying to stop drinking
But his girlfriend
Hasn't left him yet

Did you see the way he gazed at me
In between the notes he played
It's stupid to believe in stuff
That happens on a stage

Think you must be very drunk
You're seeing double
Sober up or you're in big trouble

But did you see. . .

Bet he calls me up this week
When you weren't looking
I slipped him my number
And then we kissed.

(Words and Music by Terre and Suzzy Roche)

The Boat Family

I am a little piece of chocolate
expensive and mean
no nutritional values have I
you may have me
once in a while
I will make you smile

You are a fifty pound bag of soybeans
more than a bargain to me
you take hours to cook
you have serious taste
you make me sob

I am a poison and I am fun
illegal lightweight luxury
you are the law the long hard road
grave inevitable destiny

This is story of the boat family
came over here from the Red China Sea
moved into the sovereign state of Suffern
when they got their picture taken they were laughin'

(Words and Music by Margaret A. Roche)

My Sick Mind

Listen to the people talk.
Listen to the people talk.
She's such a good girl.
She's such a good girl.

No. Nobody knows.
Nobody knows;
Not even your best friend knows the bind you're in.

I checked
myself in the mirror
before I came out tonight
changed clothes several times
and now I feel
as though I put on airs.

(Words and Music by Terre Roche)

The Death Of Suzzy Roche

I work in the laundromat
The one that Suzzy Roche
Does hers at
I hate her guts
She thinks I want her autograph

She's got stinky crusty socks
She's got underwear that shocks
O what a pig, she's such a pig
I'd like to stick a turd in her mailbox

Some people really have a lot of nerve
Everywhere they go they think they
Should get served
Everybody in the laundromat is equal
Suzzy Roche

She hands me a ten dollar bill
Asks so sweetly if I will
Give her some change
I'd like to bang her head
Against a windowsill

She says the machine is broke
The way she loaded that thing is a joke
Broken machine, another broken machine
Now I'd really like to cut her throat

Some people. . .

She decides that she's got to get out of there
Other people waiting but she don't care
Cycle is through, her cycle is through
I took out her clothes and threw them everywhere

Boy was she mad when she got back
I said listen honey don't give me no flack
Pick up your clothes, pick up your clothes
And when she did I stuck a knife right through her back

Some people. . .

(Words and Music by Suzzy and Terre Roche)

Factory Girl

As I went out walkin' one fine summer's mornin'
the birds in the branches they did gaily sing
the lad and the lasses together were sportin'
goin' down to the fact'ry their work to begin

I spied a fair damsel far fairer than any
her cheeks like the red rose that none could excel
her skin like the lily that grows in yon valley
she's my own bonnie Annie my factory girl

I stepped did up to her just thinkin' to view her
but at me she cast a proud look of disdain
sayin' "Stand off me young man and do not insult me
for although I am poor sure I think it no shame"

"It's not to insult you fair maid I adore thee
ah pray grant me one favor it's where do ya dwell?"
"Kind sir forgive me it's now I must leave you
for I hear the dumb sound of the factory bell"

Now love is a thing that does rule every nation
good mornin' kind sir and I hope ya do well
my friends and relations would all frown upon it
besides I'm a hardworkin' factory girl

Oh it's true I do love her but now she won't have me
for her sake I'll wander through valley and dell
and for her sake I'll wander where no one can find me
I'll die for the sake of my factory girl

(Traditional Irish)

One Season

One season I was born
fell down like an acorn
I am the only tree
and everybody leaves

I've got to get away from you

Bud growing up at me
resentful face I see
a harsh light seems to damn you
is it because I am you?

I've got to get away from you
I need to find a love that's true

Loose leaf lay on the bed
hair falling around her head
I watched her from the shore
I can't do any more

I've got to get away from you
I'll come and visit you in the zoo

We go on arguing
no one can say a thing
set down your key and trumpet
go have a dream and hump it

I've got to get away from you
you don't know what you put me through

Prized fighter with bruised pride
a fuse blew when you tried
to fix the worn out wire
and set the house on fire

I've got to get away from you
if only for a day or two

(Words and Music by Margaret A. Roche)

This Feminine Position

I've got the apple in me
original cinnamon style
I'm gonna be fightin'
night and day
to keep you
at your distance

Weaken discuss the menu
weaken discuss the cause
we can discuss the other women
        you've deserted
with your sweet and sour sauce

because you're makin' it
with the apple in me
I've cooked this goose before
and I have had it with the devil
he was as stiff as he was bored

This feminine position
tripped up with reptile
into that most feminine position
too fat to turnstile

(Words and Music by Margaret A. Roche)